NOPE: Huge Botfly Maggot Removed From Man’s Head

Mighty Jungle/YouTube

Hope your cringe threshold is pretty high, as this will definitely test you…

This video captures the gory moment a man has a botfly maggot surgically removed from his head a month after it burrowed into his scalp in this gruesome clip.

Mighty Jungle/YouTube

The bloke, called Simon, uploaded the clip to YouTube, showing the moment the larvae is pulled directly from his skull using tweezers. Grim.

Apparently, he brought the creature unknowingly home with him and by this point had hosted the parasite for a month. He had to wait this long to grow big enough to be pulled out. This pretty much sums up how I feel…


The vom-inducing clip starts with a view of the top of Simon’s head and even this early on you can see the maggot moving around underneath his skin- it’s enough to make your skin crawl, that’s for sure.

The stomach-churning video starts with a view of the top of Simon’s head. The maggot can be seen moving around underneath his skin.

Mighty Jungle/YouTube

A friend, who has the pleasure of filming the ordeal says: “This is seriously insane.” He then asks the woman who is performing the procedure why she can’t just pull the botfly out with tweezers.

She replies: “It has to come out a little bit so I can grab it. I think this isn’t far enough. I’m worried that I will rip it apart which at that size is likely to happen.”

Mighty Jungle/YouTube

It then decides to take a shit out of the top of Simon’s head to the disgust of everyone involved before cutting to black saying the words “ages later”. You then suddenly see the botfly being pulled out in one piece, leaving a massive hole in his scalp.

This fucking grim video has been viewed on YouTube over 14 million times. Writing beneath the video, Simon, who uses the Youtube name Mighty Jungle, said: “Yeah its a little bit disgusting but I added some Vivaldi so its fine.”

No, it really isn’t. It’s all kinds of wrong.