NOPE: Massive 6.5ft Shark Caught Off The Coast Of Dorset

Alison Mayor/Solent News

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water!

These photographs show a giant 6.5ft shark caught by an angler off the coast of Dorset, not far from a popular tourist beach.

The gigantic creature got caught in the fisherman’s net half-a-mile from Chesil Beach and was hauled to shore, while we can only assume this guy was making quips about needing a bigger boat. If he didn’t, then it was a missed opportunity.

Alison Mayor/Solent News/Adam Rowett/BNPS

The unfortunate porbeagle shark – which is a member of the same family as the Great White – died before it was towed onto the beach in front of many startled onlookers.

And, it appears the angler was pretty proud with the catch of a lifetime, sitting proudly atop the shark and lying next to it to show its sheer length. It’s only odd behaviour, if you really analyse it.

As NOPE-worthy as this shark looks though, scuba divers and swimmers shouldn’t panic too much about going for a dip near Dorset again. Porbeagles are the most common species of shark found in British waters, and aren’t considered a threat to humans. Good to know!