NOPE: Massive Cyst Popped And Leaves Hole So Big It Needs Stitches

YouTube/Holly H

Just as you’re finally getting over your Sunday hangover, here’s a glorious piece of NOPE to make you feel ill all over again!

This grim video shows the moment a man’s gigantic cyst was finally popped, and the gruesome contents which come pouring out of this monstrosity are thoroughly unpleasant. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Dr Solomon Brickman first uses a punch biopsy tool to clear the layer of skin covering the cyst, before literally squeezing the crap out of it.

And this thing was so huge that it leaves an absolutely massive hole in this poor guy’s back which is so big that it requires stitches. Ouch!

A woman viewing the stomach-churning scene gives viewers quite the insight into experiencing such horrror first hand, saying: “You’re going to be so glad this is out. It does smell like death a little bit.”