NOPE: Terrifying Instagram Account Dedicated To Putting Stuff In Your Eye

eye 11@Eyexam

This could just be the most fucked up internet trends ever, even worse than bread cats. @eyexam is a freaky Instagram account that’s full of close-up photos of eyes with things on and even in them. 

If you’re a bit particular about your eyes, we recommend looking away, but honestly some are surprisingly beautiful… in a really confusing way.


eye 1@eyexam

Forking hell that must hurt.

eye 2@eyexam

Padlocking your eye shut?

eye 3@eyexam

That can’t be safe.

eye 4@eyexam

Everyone wants blue eyes these days.

eye 5@eyexam

I bet that stings.

Eye 7@eyexam

This one’s quite tame.

eye 8@eyexam

‘Orange’ you glad you saw this one.

eye 9@eyexam