NOPE: Watch As Nasty Growth Bursts Out Of Man’s Arm


Warning: Graphic Content

Everyone’s favourite pimple popping dermatologist is back with a new video to turn your stomach.

In Dr. Sandra Lee’s latest upload, she was presented with a patient who had a grape-sized lump inside his forearm.

As we have become accustomed to with Lee, there was only one course of action – to cut into the growth with a scalpel and squeeze whatever is lurking inside.


As reported by the Daily Mail, Lee explained in the video’s description that such growths are no cause for major concern.

She said:

A lipoma is slow-growing, benign growth of fat cells. It is contained in a thin, fibrous capsule and found right under the skin.

A lipoma is typically not tender and moves around easily with slight pressure.

A lipoma is not cancerous and treatment generally is not necessary.

So this procedure was not entirely necessary, but you can’t blame the guy for wanting that thing removed.