NOPE: Woman Gets Giant Cyst On Her Head Popped On Live TV

The Doctors

A new video shows the sickening moment a woman had a massive cyst on her head popped in front of a live TV audience.

The unnamed woman was a guest on U.S. medical TV show The Doctors and, after having the cyst for 20 years, she allowed the medics to squeeze the large pink lump on her head in front of the somewhat horrified audience.

The lump, which she affectionately named Arthur, formed when she fell ill more than two decades ago.

And, trust us, this footage isn’t for the faint of heart. Definitely don’t watch this if you’re sitting down for dinner!

Seriously, this thing is the size of an egg. And it cracks like one too.

The woman decided to take the extreme step as the cyst had grown “out of control” in the last two years, and it was making her feel “extremely insecure”.

The procedure was performed by Dr Sandra Lee, who refers to herself as ‘Dr Pimple Popper’. Because of course she does.

The Doctors

She used a sharp instrument to pierce the surface of the cyst before squeezing out its contents, confirming as she did so that the cyst was not life-threatening.

And Dr Lee actually seemed thrilled about the whole thing, saying, “This is going to be fun, I’m excited about it.” Each to their own, we guess…

In fact, she really seemed to revel in grossing out the already horrified audience, pointing out the goo coming out was “wet scalp skin”, and said many people think it’s “cheesy”. Please, stop!