North And South Korea To Announce End Of 68-Year War


North and South Korea have been at the centre of the news for as long as us millennials can remember.

However, while words of war have been continuously thrown about, and threats of nuclear war too, it has now been reported that North and South Korea are set to put a permanent end to the 68-year-war they’ve been fighting.

Rogue North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in are expected to release a joint statement in the near future claiming they will no longer continue in conflict against one another, an unidentified Seoul official has reportedly told the Munhwa Ilbo newspaper.


Though in the past the two leaders have be reluctant to meet with one another, on April 27 they are scheduled to meet in the border town of Panmunjon in what will be the third ever summit between leaders from either Korea.

John Delury, an associate professor of Chinese studies at Yonsei University in Seoul, told Bloomberg:

Ending the state of conflict is the core of the whole thing. Peace is as complicated as denuclearization.

There also has to be a process of actually delivering the peace.

While the two countries were not literally fighting one another, at the end of the Korean War there was no official declaration of peace between the two countries meaning that they remained, and still do, technically at war.

It is also hoped that at the summit where they discuss an end to their war, North Korea will also agree to be denuclearised.

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Speaking to press, Moon’s chief of staff, Im Jong-seok, explained:

Even though our special envoys confirmed his denuclearisation will, it is entirely different if the two leaders confirm it directly among themselves and put that into text.

We expect the summit will confirm the denuclearisation will (of North Korea).

Hopefully now peace can reign in the two countries.

Recently a woman who fled North Korea has opened up about the ‘horrific’ things she saw.

Liberty In North Korea/Youtube

Danbi Kim, 26, said she watched in horror as four men and two women were executed in front of her.

At the age of 10, Danbi was among ­thousands of people summoned to watch soldiers kill would-be-deserters from North Korea.

Years later, Danbi suffered ‘inhuman’ torture for a period of 25 days.

Recalling the dreadful moment she was forced to witness the executions, Danbi said:

Four men and two women were tied to wooden poles and pleading for mercy.

Executioners wrapped their bodies in plastic sheets and put stones into their mouths.

I heard the clapping sound of shots, saw their agonised struggle then stillness amongst the blood. I was so deeply traumatised by what I saw I couldn’t eat for days.

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Danbi, who grew up in in Hyesan, in Ryanggang Province during the reign of Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il  has been speaking out after fleeing North Korea in her late teens.

She said her brother, who was a police officer, has not been seen for years after being thrown into political prison.

Truly shocking.