North Korea Are Trying Their Hardest To Start World War Three


North Korea has reportedly fired six short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan mere hours after the UN imposed new sanctions on the secretive nation.

As reported by the BBC, a South Korean spokesman told the Yonhap news agency that ‘projectiles’ were launched around 10am local time from Wonsan on the east coast.

The launch is the latest in a series of aggressive acts from North Korea, which has also seen them allegedly test a nuclear weapon, and send a satellite into space.

According to The Independent, the sanctions imposed by the UN have been described as some of the toughest in 20 years.

Ahn Young-joon/PA

They include mandatory inspections of all cargo coming in and out of the country, plus the blacklisting of 12 organisations and 16 people.

Tensions were already running extremely high after the North warned South Korea that, if they pass a law to collect, archive and publish information on human rights in the dictator state, it would result in ‘miserable ruin’.

Legislation has already been approved by 212 South Korean lawmakers but will not become a law until it is endorsed by the Cabinet Council, which is apparently a formality.

It could be worrying times ahead.