North Korea Cancels Talks With South And Sends Warning To US

Kim Jong-Un Shakes Hands With South Korean Leader As He Crosses Border For First TimeGetty

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has pulled out of talks with South Korea and has sent a chilling message to the United States, just one month before his scheduled historic meeting with US President Donald Trump, in Singapore.

Talks between the two nations were put on hold after the notoriously secretive North Korea pulled out of talks with South Korea, which were supposed to take place on Wednesday, (May 16).

It came as a result of the joint military exercises involving South Korea and the US, which has angered the leader of the DPRK.

North Korea Leader Kim Jong-unCNN

According to their official KCNA news agency, the exercises were a ‘provocation’ and practice for a potential invasion, the BBC reports.

A warning was sent to the US which put into question the historic meeting between Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump, which is set for 12 June.

The KCNA warned:

The United States will also have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the planned North Korea-US summit in light of this provocative military ruckus jointly conducted with the South Korean authorities.

Back in March, the normally abrasive Commander-in-Chief shocked the world after he extended an olive branch to the despotic leader.

It came after tensions between the two reached boiling point, with Trump threatening Kim with ‘fire and fury’ and then Kim responding, by labelling the President a dotard.

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However, things appeared to be on the right track after a historic meeting took place, between the leaders of North and South Korea at the end of April.

Kim Jong-un became the first North Korean leader to step foot in South Korea since the end of the Korean War in 1953.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Mr Kim shook hands at the border, with the North Korean leader saying he hoped to have a ‘frank’ discussion.

Audiences watched as the pair stepped across the demarcation line into North Korea, and stepping back into South Korea, while holding hands.

The meeting, as well as the holding of hands, was apparently an unscripted moment during what was labelled a ‘highly choreographed sequence of events’.

North Korea Cancels Talks With South And Sends Chilling Warning To USPA

In a guestbook, Kim Jong-un wrote:

A new history begins now – at the starting point of history and the era of peace.

It was the first meeting between Korean leaders in more than 10 years.

North Korea Cancels Talks With South And Sends Chilling Warning To USPA Images

According to reports, Moon Jae-in said there were ‘high expectations’ they could produce an agreement which would be a ‘big gift to the entire Korean nation and every peace loving person in the world’.

The White House said it was ‘hopeful’ the talks between the two leaders would make ‘progress towards peace and prosperity’.

Following the meeting, Moon Jae-in praised the efforts of Trump, claiming he should receive a Nobel Peace Prize for his involvement in the meeting, which was to set about the denuclearisation of the North.

North Korea Cancels Talks With South And Sends Chilling Warning To USPA

Efforts to reconcile were underway with North Korea moving its time zone by half an hour to align with South Korea, while South Korea promised to stop blaring propaganda over the border through the use of loudspeakers.

However, it seems all the efforts have been for nothing following Kim Jong-un’s decision to pull out of any further talks with their neighbours to the South.

It also puts into question the proposed meeting between Kim Jong-un and Trump, considering the two are very outspoken characters on the international stage.

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