North Korea Issues US With Most Terrifying Warning Yet

by : UNILAD on : 12 Sep 2017 11:51

North Korea has warned ‘forthcoming measures’ will ‘make the US suffer the greatest pain’ it’s ever experienced.


The statement was reportedly made by Han Tae Song, North Korea’s envoy to the UN.

Han Tae Song was in Geneva for the UN-sponsored Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.

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According to the Independent, Song said:


The Washington regime fired up for political, economic, and military confrontation, [is] obsessed with the wild game of reversing the DPRK’s development of nuclear force which has already reached the completion phase.

At the meeting, the Security Council approved sanctions for North Korea, but not those sought by Donald Trump, which would’ve resulted in a complete freeze of the international assets of the nation.

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US ambassador Robert Woods said:

My hope is the regime will hear the message loud and clear and it will choose a different path.

The sanctions do, however, ban North Korea from importing all natural gas liquids and condensates.

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There’s also a ban on textiles and work permits for North Korean workers.


These sanctions were described by US ambassador Nikki Haley as ‘the strongest measures ever imposed on North Korea:

We will never forget the lesson that those who have evil intentions must be confronted.

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Haley continued:

Today we are saying the world will never accept a nuclear armed North Korea.

We are done trying to prod the regime to do the right thing.

These sanctions come after the sixth set of nuclear tests carried out by the ‘rogue’ state and increasingly inflammatory statements from both North Korea and the US.

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    North Korea tells UN they will make US 'suffer the greatest pain'