North Korea Launches Another Missile Strike, Threatens To ‘Bury Enemies At Sea’

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Kim Jong Un is right back at it again with the threats of mass destruction and nuclear weapons tests.

Yep, just when you thought you’d heard the last of it, international bad guy and portly dictator Kim Jong Un, has launched yet another tirade of missiles into the Sea of Japan while ranting about ‘burying his enemies at sea’, reports the Daily Mail.

Just this morning, the North Korean rotund despot, launched five missiles into the ocean in what is thought to be a response to South Korea’s ongoing war games with the U.S.

The short range missile launch comes mere days after – yep you guessed it, more missile strikes – which the United Nations Security Council called an ‘unacceptable’ violation of UN resolutions.


And, as if the world wasn’t scary enough, a U.S. think tank has stated that they think an underground nuclear detonation could take place at ‘any time’ – after images emerged of activity in North Korea’s main nuclear site.

Members from South Korea’s Unification Ministry have backed up such claims saying:

We believe that a fifth nuclear test can take place right away. The government is preparing for all possibilities.

Kim Jong Un also stated that in the capital of his country, Pyongyang, scientists had managed to create a nuclear warhead which can be adapted to fit onto normal ballistic missiles.

South Korea Koreas TensionAP

Tensions with the South, and the U.S, have been rising for what feels like forever – however, since the two countries began preparing for war with the North, such tensions seem only to have surged higher.

There is thought to be more than 300,000 South Korean and 15,000 U.S. troops taking part in the large-scale military exercises which will run up until April 30.

They are intended to warn North Korea against provocations, according to South Korean defence minister Han Min-koo, reports the BBC.

But it seems that the North really isn’t listening.