North Korea Make Huge Secret Move That Will Anger The US

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We live in very strange times indeed. Despite the fact that nuclear war is definitely not anything that anyone wants, two world leaders, who really should know better, seem intent on playing chicken with the potential obliteration of millions.

The two world leaders are of course, US President Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un. Neither of whom seem especially well equipped when it comes to subtlety.


Kim Jong-un allegedly had his half brother Kim Jong-nam assassinated with poison in an foreign airport and reportedly had his own uncle executed with an anti-aircraft gun.

Where as Donald Trump, well to be honest Donald Trump has never been accused of anything even close to that.

But he has sent some very controversial tweets:

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One thing both men do have in common is the capability to launch nuclear weapons at each other.

And now that North Korea has made a move that has the power to make Trump’s finger hover slightly closer to the big red button.

Reuters has reported that several ‘North Korean missiles were recently spotted moved from a rocket facility in the capital Pyongyang’.

PA Images

South Korean and U.S. intelligence officials reportedly detected either intermediate range Hwasong-12 or intercontinental ballistic Hwasong-14 missiles being transported from Sanum-dong Missile Research and Development Facility in Pyongyang.

As if North Korea didn’t have enough bad press at the moment, what with threatening nuclear war, the death of US citizen Otto Warmbier in North Korean custody has also been back in the news agenda due to the coroner’s report was released:

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Moving the missiles might be a direct response to the revelations about Otto Warmbier. It’s a move that Kim Jong-un knows will be detected and is sure to cause tensions to rise.


Good thing its payday and we can all enjoy the weekend. I can’t imagine nuclear war starting on a weekend. In my uneducated opinion it’ll probably happen on a Monday, Monday’s are always rubbish.