North Korea Practices Killing South Korea’s Leader, Threatens To Turn Seoul To ‘Ashes’


In the latest flexing of his military muscles, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered artillery drills of an attack on the residence of the South Korean president.

The rotund despot added a promise to turn Seoul ‘into rubble and ashes’ if they challenged Pyongyang’s capabilities, reports RT.

According to North Korean press agency KCNA, the military exercise reportedly involved hundreds of different types of long-range artillery.


They reported: 

Artillery shells flew like lightning and intensely and fiercely struck targets simulating Cheong Wa Dae [Korean name for residence of South’s president] and rebel governing bodies in Seoul.

According to KCNA, the exercise was a direct response to the drills currently being conducted by ‘the gangster U.S. and [South Korean president] Park Geun-Hye forces’.

The North has repeatedly said it views the massive military drills as provocations, with Pyongyang even threatening a ‘preemptive and offensive nuclear strike’ against the U.S. that could ‘destroy Manhattan’.


Tensions have been running high in the region ever since the North carried out a ‘nuclear test’ in January – although experts doubt they actually have the H-bomb that they claim.

As a consequence the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on the North, but Kim hasn’t taken much notice, defiantly vowing to carry out further nuclear tests.

Both Russia and China criticised North Korea for its recent actions, saying that Kim should listen to the UN’s demands.


Earlier this month Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said: 

We expect North Korea to make reasonable conclusions and listen to the demands of the United Nations Security Council, and return to the negotiation table.

There’s never a dull moment is there.