North Korea Preparing Itself For Another Nuclear Test


North Korea’s up to it’s usual tricks, preparing itself for another nuclear test despite world-wide condemnation.

According to South Korean governmental sources it’s believed that the notoriously aggressive nation will conduct its fifth nuclear test soon, possibly before its party congress in early May.

It’s thought that the countries dictator, Kim Jong-un, will likely use the congress as an opportunity to boast about the programme.


International experts have also said that the likelihood of North Korea conducting their nuclear test, possibly within weeks, has increased because of an embarrassing failed missile launch on Friday.

The failed launch is believed to have left the countries portly leader Kim red faced and was a huge set back for the nations nuclear ambitions, The Guardian reports.

Yonhap news agency said, quoting multiple government sources:

Compared to last month, the frequency of vehicle, workforce and equipment movements increased two to threefold recently…

north korea bomb featredPexels

Should the test happen it will be the despotic nations latest attempt to develop nuclear weapons, after a fourth nuclear test in January and a long-range rocket launch in February, which forced the UN to place strict sanctions on the country but even they have failed to stop Pyongyang’s weapons programmes.

South Korea’s military has claimed that Pyongyang is technically ready for an additional nuclear test, depending on its leadership’s political decision.

While the countries defence ministry said it couldn’t confirm the report but explained that North Korea can conduct its new nuclear test at anytime.