North Korea ‘Preparing Launch Of Missile Which Could Reach The US Or Britain’


North Korea is gearing up to launch a ballistic missle which could reach as far as America or Britain, the Japanese military have said. 

Their sources say leader Kim Jong-un has ordered the rockets to be moved into position.

One of the launch pads is allegedly big enough to carry an ICBM class Hwasong-14 ballistic missile with a range of more than 10,000km (6,200) miles.

For reference, Britain is around 5,400 miles from North Korea. Yikes! Whereas the US is a mere 3,500 miles.


According to the Mirror, The Hwasong-14, which Jong-un called a ‘handsome good-looking boy’ also boasted it could reach ‘anywhere in the world’ and it’s safe to say, if fired, could cause unspeakable damage.

Anywhere in the world? I’ll tell you where your missile can’t reach, my heart – the one thing which stops myself and others from engaging in such catastrophic rhetoric.

Try that on for size, Kim!