North Korean Cheerleaders’ Reaction To ‘Kim Jong Un Look-a-Like’ Is Amazing


A man accused of being a Kim Jong-un ‘impersonator’ got up to dance in front of Pyongyang’s cheer squad at the Winter Olympics… and it didn’t go down well.

The cheerleaders and security saw the dance by the man, who’s since claimed not to be an impersonator of the North Korean leader.

Crowds had been watching an ice hockey match between Japan and the unified team representing North and South Korea when the man stood up and began to dance.

The gentleman, who’s now identified himself as Howard, according to local reports, was ushered off back to his seat momentarily – but not before a lot of scowls were directed his way by the cheerleaders who were less than impressed by the whole charade.

Howard was then reportedly taken away from the game and escorted out of the arena where the match was being played.

Vincent Bevins, whose bio states he’s a Washington Post correspondent in south east Asia, tweeted updates and short video clips as the incident unfolded.

He said:

At the united Korea vs Japan womens’ hockey game, an apparent Kim Jong-un impersonator starts dancing in front of North Korean cheerleaders. Apparent employees of the DPRK push him aside. He’s now sitting nearby giving interviews.

According to Bevins, Howard claimed he was only there to cheer on the team and ‘didn’t commit a crime’.

Bevins said:

Police have now surrounded and asked the apparent impersonator to come with him, he says his name’s Howard, was just cheering and looks like this, and didn’t commit any crime. Refuses to go with them. South Korea police apparently unsure what to do.

He speaks English with UK accent, no Korean. They’ve now told him he broke a rule against making political statements. He responds: ‘I just showed up with my flag and my face… If you don’t like my face there’s nothing you can do about it, I was born this way.’

Howard’s antics seem to have plenty of people talking and gained him a lot of attention if the videos are anything to go by.

Bevins tweeted:

I don’t speak Korean either, but my sense was police didn’t know what to do with him.

If he was breaking a rule or just making an obvious commotion and drawing a crowd. This just happened in front of me, and I’m unlikely to find out more. Maybe we’ll hear Howard’s story later.

Later adding:

Seems he was released. Caught him walking out, waving as high school girls laughed. ‘Cosplay!’ they giggled.

Japan went on to win the game 4-1, but all eyes were seemingly on Howard.

I wonder if he’ll be giving any interviews any time soon? My guess would be we’ll be hearing from him.