North Korean Nuclear Threat Could Be Quashed In Weeks


Over the past few weeks talk of North Korea and their endless pursuit of armageddon has been rife, however the PDRK may well be crippled into nothingness very shortly.

How so? A nuke from the perpetual good guys in the states? Germ warfare from China? A Russian invasion? No, no, no. This is all about fuel.

Over the past three days petrol prices in the country’s capital of Pyongyang have soared by 83 per cent with some gas stations only serving diplomats and international organisations, according to the LA Daily News.


Currently, most of the country’s fuel comes from China and while the reason for this monumental price change is unknown it is thought that China has either slashed supplies with the rogue state or just threatened to do so.

Not only is the price rise making it impossible for residents to get from A to B, if Kim uses liquid rocket fuel in his missiles, these could be drastically affected too.


One expert at South Korea’s IBK Bank, Cho Bong-hyun, said:

If China cuts off oil, North Korea would not survive on its own for three months.

This could increase the possibility of North Korea’s collapse and could have an adverse impact on China as well.

It’s no hidden secret that President Trump has been calling on China for a while now to help stop the dictatorship in Korea.

Is this how they’re going to do it, by stopping the estimated 500,000 tonnes of crude oil a year, to the nation?

It would certainly be catastrophic to their ambitions.