North Korean Soldiers Issued With A Chilling Message


Soldiers in North Korea have been issued with a chilling message as they are told ‘war is imminent’.

Tensions between the country and the US have been high for a while as the two nations continually threaten each other leading many to believe World War III may be around the corner.

Now North Korean soldiers are being encouraged to steal food in preparation for war with military officers turning a ‘blind eye’ to the looting.


A source in the North Hamgyong Province told Daily NK:

Young soldiers tired of relentless hunger are frequently deserting the army to steal food. Even military officers are encouraging the practice.

The military officers are instructing their soldiers, exhausted after training, to eat corn in the fields because war is imminent.

They are even threatening their soldiers, saying, ‘If you become malnourished despite permission to eat the corn, you will face difficulties.’


Another source from Ryanggang Province added:

Soldiers carrying big sacks of unripened corn can be frequently seen at the markets. They see the corn at cheap prices to merchants who have made deals in advance.

Because of this, many residents are criticising the army, saying, ‘How will you fight a war with these thieves?’

Some are arguing that the military should first create an environment in which the soldiers do not have to steal in the first place.

Farmers are responding by setting up guard posts to protect their crops.


In recent weeks North Korea has conducted several missile tests including one over the Japanese island of Hokkaido on Tuesday.

Earlier today the US carried out their own military exercise staging a mock bombing drill over the Korean peninsula.