North Korean Teens Rip Into Kim Jong-Un Online Using Yik Yak


Teens in the rogue state North Korea are using an app, in secret, to take the piss out of their supreme leader, Kim Jong-Un.

Reportedly youngsters around the country are escaping the watchful eye of their tyrannical government by logging onto the app, Yik Yak, the Mirror reports.

The app allows users to post anonymous messages from anywhere in the world which can then be seen by those within a five-mile radius.

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This emerging underground social network is now filled with posts ripping into their ‘beloved leader’ Kim Jong-Un with many urging the despotic tyrant ‘go on a diet’.

Other’s have avoided ‘fat shaming’ the the dictator instead calling him a ‘liar’ with a shit hair cut – which he infamously ordered all men in the country to copy.

One user said:

We can mock Kim Jong-Un in his territory without his army even knowing about it. I wonder if he has ever considered downloading Yik Yak to see what people post in Pyongyang.


Officials in the country will no doubt be furious that the technology is being used to mock their leader. Internet access is reportedly heavily locked down in North Korea and is mostly used by foreigners visiting the country.

A think tank source said:

North Koreans have been ordered to crack down on capitalist ideology and culture.


Young Koreans will no doubt have a lot to complain about in the coming weeks, on Monday, state media in the country ran an article telling North Koreans the country is about to face hardship, and to brace for possible famine.

The warning after the United Nations slapped extremely harsh sanctions on the country, after the North ran a hydrogen bomb test in January despite warnings from the U.N.