North Korea’s Mysterious ‘Hotel Of Doom’ Might Finally Open After 30 Years


Reports suggest that North Korea’s Ryugyong Hotel could soon be opening its doors to its captives citizens.

Also known as the ‘Hotel Of Doom’, following stop-start construction issues which began way back in 1987, it has yet to house one single guest. With a name nickname like the ‘Hotel of Doom’ – which is located in North Korea mind you – would you really want to stay in it?

A day in solitary confinement sounds more appealing, but holiday preferences aside it seems that the hotel is showing signs that it is finally near completion.


As reported by The Independent, construction first began during the iron-fisted rule of Kim Il-sung, the grandfather of current ‘democratically elected’ North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

As with anything linked with North Korean propaganda, they wanted to make sure that they had the tallest hotel in the world which boasted facilities such as casinos, nightclubs and Japanese lounges. The aim was for the hotel to open in 1989 but thanks to the fall of the Soviet Union, the 1992 financial crisis and general issues with construction the plan never came to fruition.

Furthermore, it was thought the tallest unoccupied building in the world, which stands at 105-stories, was not structurally sound.

Work on the building restarted almost a decade later with the aim to finish it in 2012, which would have been completed just in time for the 100th anniversary of the birth of their ‘Eternal’ President Kim Il-sung (who gets paid to come out with these prestigious titles?).


However this was postponed again, although progress had been made with the fitting of window panes and a telecommunications mast which was added by Egyptian development company Orascom.

In December last year rumours were sparked that the hotel might soon be opening up to the North Korean public (but not us – we’re all still banned) when they saw lights on the building for the first time in years.

As of this year two new walkways have been added and as well as the addition of a new propaganda sign boasting about their country’s recent nuclear missile capabilities.

Furthermore on 27 July, ‘soldier-builders’ (a new occupation obviously invented by Kim Jong-un) were spotted behind the walls around the hotel, along with digging equipment and new propaganda billboards.