Shut the F*ck Up: Massacre Survivor Responds To Anders Breivik Complaining



Mass murderer Anders Breivik has threatened to go on a hunger strike (again) until he dies from starvation. He is protesting the dramatic worsening of his prison conditions. A survivor has responded by saying “shut the fuck up.” 

Breivik sent an open letter to Norwegian and Swedish media complaining that since the second of September, he had been confined to isolation in a single cell, which he was allowed to leave for one hour a day.

He has also complained that he is getting less time with prison staff and they only speak to him through a small gap in the door.

“Unless the 02/09/15 escalation is reversed, I will eventually continue the hunger strike until death. I can not stand any more,” Breivik wrote.


“The decision about the drastic deterioration of prison conditions forced me to drop out of my studies, which in turn means that I will lose my place at the University. The studies, which were made possible for only thirteen full days before the Minister of Justice put an end to them, were the only thing I had,” he added to the letter.

Breivik’s lawyer Oystein Storrvik told Norway’s Dagbladat that “total isolation from other people has been maintained, while his movements are confined to a smaller space. He also has less time with officers.”

Storrvik confirmed that Breivik is preparing to go on hunger strike.


Emma Martinovic, 22, is a survivor who attended the political youth camp on the tiny island Breivik attacked. She had to swim for her life to get away.

Ms Martinovic has spoken to today and has a message for the man who tried to kill her: “You don’t know what it means to have a hard time. Shut the fuck up and take your punishment.”

She remembers “the laughter of the bastard as he shot” and how he taunted people from the shore who had stripped off their clothes and entered the freezing water to escape: “You won’t get away,” he yelled at them.


Ms Martinovic had to witness her friends swimming beside her get picked off one-by-one. She was shot, the bullet piercing her left arm.

She has zero sympathy towards his prison conditions. “I really don’t. I try to think that every person is a human and needs to be handled with respect but with him I think it’s very hard. I have no sympathy for him and that’s because he has taken so many people from me and because he has made my life so hard.”

“Shut the fuck up and take you’re punishment as the coward you are. You killed so many people and acted (like) God for some hours and now you are complaining that you are having a hard time in jail when you don’t even know what it means to have a hard time. Loser.”

Breivik is serving a 21-year sentence for the acts of terrorism he carried out in 2011.

He killed eight people with a bomb in Oslo and then opened fire at a political youth camp, killing 69 more.


I feel like Emma perfectly sums up what we are thinking every time he complains. One really can’t help but say… Fuck this bloke and his whinging from the cell he 1000% deserves to be in.