Here’s What It Would Look Like To Be Eaten By A Polar Bear

by : UNILAD on : 12 Oct 2015 19:34

Ever wondered what it would be like to be eaten by a polar bear?


No me either, but now, thanks to one man, you can find out. Sort of.

Thankfully, no humans were eaten during discovery, but photographer Paul Sounders did see his camera equipment damaged.

The photos were taken by the Northern edge of Hudson Bay in the Canadian Arctic, after Sounders travelled 1,800 miles with hi-tech equipment, that he placed in the water and let the polar bears chomp down on.

paukpauk Solent News & Photo Agency UK

The 54-year-old photographer said:

For years I’ve wanted to photograph polar bears, but rather than chartering a boat and captain or going on a tour, I wanted to see if I could do it independently.

I came up with a plan to pull my 22ft fibreglass boat on its trailer about 1,800 miles from my home in Seattle to the end of the road in Manitoba, in central Canada.

I put the boat into the Nelson River and travelled 75 miles to reach Hudson Bay, then took her more than 600 miles north, fighting storms and ice, towards the Arctic Circle.


A very curious polar bear detoured more than a mile to come check out my boat. I’d shut down my main boat and let it drift toward the ice.

The bear walked up and practically pressed his nose against the window, then walked over to sniff at the dinghy that I was towing behind me.

I was a little nervous that he’d take a bite at it, but he decided it wasn’t food and walked off in search of something more edible.

It was amazing to witness the polar trying to bit my camera, seeing what it’s like to be trapped inside its jaws is incredible.


Amazing stuff.

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