Nurse Forced To Abandon Car In Storm Emma Returns To Find It Trashed

PCSO Adam Bell / Twitter

As everybody who’s spent just a second watching the news will know, the NHS, like they always do in times of crisis, have worked tirelessly and endlessly throughout Storm Emma – often going far out of their way in order to help.

Their job descriptions do not say, ‘you may have to walk miles through thick snow in sub-zero temperatures just to get to work’, and they definitely won’t be getting paid much, if at all, more for it. Yet still, they do it – keeping people alive.

One of these people was a nurse on her way to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, reports The Mirror.

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Due to the destructive weather, the nurse was forced to abandon her car on a lane about a mile away from the hospital so that she could walk to work on time.

After a full and incredibly tiring day at work yesterday, the unnamed nurse returned to her car, parked on Blunts Lane, and found it had been completely trashed.

PCSO Adam Bell / Twitter
PCSO Adam Bell / Twitter

The windscreen and rear windows of her Nissan Note had been completely destroyed and a wing mirror had been torn off.

PCSO Adam Bell tweeted the photos of the damaged car, writing:

Owner of this Nissan Note was trying to get to work at @Derriford_Hosp during the bad weather conditions.

Unfortunately she had to abandon her car on Blunts Lane. What she returned to find was THIS!! Outrageous, mindless damage!

Anyone with information is asked to call Devon & Cornwall Police on 101 and quote the crime reference number Police Log 363 03/03/2018.