O.J’s Defence Lawyer Reveals What He Whispered To Him When He Was Acquitted

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In an explicit interview, O.J Simpson’s defence lawyer, Robert Shapiro, has revealed what his client said to him when the not guilty verdict came in. 


On hearing that he had been acquitted of the double murder of his ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in 1995, O.J famously turned to Shapiro and whispered something in his ear.

But now, more than two decades later, Shapiro has finally revealed what Simpson said, reports UK Complex.

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During a Fox Broadcasting special Shapiro revealed that O.J told him:


You told me this would be the result from the beginning. You were right.

It was the first full length interview Shapiro had given in over 20 years and as a result it provided a number of startling revelations.

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Shapiro explained that in his opinion the prosecution team didn’t fully understand the evidence. He said from his understanding it is likely more than one knife was used in the murders and that more than one person was involved.

He also admitted that – as was portrayed in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story – he did in fact try on the infamous glove before O.J.


He revealed:

I tried the glove on. It was a little bit wide in my palm and a little bit long in my fingers.

O.J Simpson has enormous hands and I knew that the glove would not fit him. No question about it. Wouldn’t even be close.


He said that, on reflection, the thought of trying on a glove that was potentially worn by a murderer was eerie:

As you say it now, it is chilling, but it wasn’t something that I contemplated or thought about at the time.

Yeah, but it essentially proved his innocence in the eyes of the jury, so it was probably worth it right Bob?

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