Obama Believes Joe Biden Will Be A President Who Is ‘Actually Paying Attention’

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Nov 2020 12:03
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Barack Obama has acknowledged Joe Biden will face some challenges when he takes over from Donald Trump, but he has faith that his former running mate will be a president who is ‘actually paying attention’. 

Whether Trump likes it or not – and I think it’s safe to say he does not – Biden will be inaugurated into office on January 20.


He has a number of tasks ahead as he hopes to ‘put aside the partisanship’ to create a ‘United States’, one of which is tackling the coronavirus pandemic. His mission has not been made easier by Trump’s vaccine distribution team, who have reportedly refused to brief anyone on Biden’s transition team about their plans.

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During a recent interview with The Late Show, Obama acknowledged that one of the biggest challenges Biden will face is ‘figuring out how to puncture that information bubble’ that many Republican officials and supporters have chosen to immerse themselves in.

He addressed conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns of the kind spread by Trump, who has repeatedly made light of coronavirus and more recently claimed that Biden did not fairly win the election.


The former president said these claims are a ‘detriment to the country’ and are the opposite of ‘smart politics if Republicans wanted to maintain the White House’.

In spite of the ‘big challenges’ faced by Biden, Obama acknowledged the weight of having an incoming president ‘that’s actually paying attention’.

He said:


The fact that he won is indicative of the message he sent of wanting to unify the country. I do think people are exhausted of just this constant cage match. People just want to feel like a day passes without it being dominated by something crazy coming out of the White House.

Obama admitted that having to deal with a global outbreak ‘would have been hard for anyone’, but he described the Trump administration’s response as ‘shambolic’.

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He took a dig at Trump’s reactions as he expressed his beliefs that the more than a quarter of a million deaths could have been lessened by ‘communicating effectively, respect[ing] the science, not undermining the leading epidemiologist in the country and saying he’s an idiot, being consistent with masks and social distancing [and] not suggesting this is some act of oppression rather than just a common sense thing to prevent people from getting sick’.


Obama recalled the moment he sat next to Trump in the White House days after his 2016 win, admitting there was a ‘concern’ that grew ‘exceedingly’ over the Republican’s first term.

As the transition to Biden’s presidency officially began this week, the president-elect tweeted, ‘America is back’, indicating his determination to right Trump’s wrongs.

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