Obama Breaks Out The Dad Dancing To Michael Jackson’s Thriller

by : UNILAD on : 01 Nov 2016 01:41


He’s no stranger to loosening those hips, let’s not forget Barack Obama’s incredible moves to Beyonce’s Crazy In Love on the Ellen Degeneres Show.


The coolest president to ever exist has exhibited his beautifully executed dad dancing again at the White House Halloween Event, Mashable reports.

The beat of Michael Jackson’s Thriller came over him like…well, nevermind.

He was shaking everything his mama gave him and we loved it.


Michelle Obama joined him on stage as they watched some dancers perform MJ’s moves and America’s power couple joined them, shaking side to side.

No doubt his daughter’s Sasha and Malia are extremely pleased to see him mastering the role of embarrassing dad.

Around 4,000 people visited the White House for Obama’s last Halloween celebration as president.

Here are his beautiful moves on the Ellen Show back in 2007…


For nearly an hour, the president also handed out White House-labelled Hershey Kisses and Michelle handed out cookies on the South Drive to local students and children from military families.

Before he performed the dance, President Obama said:

We’ve been working on a little dance. We don’t know how it’s going to go, but we think we should all just try it anyway.


Don’t worry Obama, it went bloody well.

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