Obama Had Fewer Scandals As President Than Trump Has Had In Two Weeks


Watergate, illegal wars, Monica Lewinsky – Sadly being U.S. president is all too often linked to controversy.

However, as pointed out by The Huffington Post, it usually isn’t until Presidents are in power, or soon to be leaving the Oval Office that such scandal rears its ugly head.

Proving he really is not your typical commander-in-chief, Donald Trump has bucked the trend with a flurry of pre-administration issues. Barack Obama on the other hand is able to sit back, and look at his legacy with relative pride.


As reported by The Huffington Post, in two terms in office Obama has been at the centre of less controversy than Trump has in the past two weeks alone, and certainly during the race for the White House.

Trump is currently refuting allegations that he is in anyway involved with Russia, prostitutes, and x-rated fun with bodily fluids – emphasising that he is a ‘germophobe’.

Not to mention his stance on federal tax, continued conflicts of interest with the business empire handed to his kids, and apparent lack of vetting for members of his administration.


And it turns out it is far from a coincidence that Obama’s tenure and staff won’t be remembered for scandal.

As The Post reports, Obama had an ethics advisor planning how things would be done in his administration long before he won the 2008 presidential election at the expense of John McCain.

Norm Eisen, along with other aides and Obama’s own intervention implemented an ethics policy which saw staff required to sign a strict pledge.

Terms included bans on accepting certain ‘gifts’, upon leaving your role lobbying the administration during Obama’s term was prohibited, as was contacting government agencies for which staffers worked with for two years after exiting.


The ‘tone at the top’ set the standard – that’s not to say Obama’s time in office was perfect.

Hilary Clinton has been thoroughly scrutinised for her private email server, Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt by congress for his role in a failed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms operation against gun smugglers which led to the death of a border control agent, and there were multiple resignations over the Internal Revenue Service’s alleged targeting of conservative groups in tax investigations.

Eisen commented:

Look I’m not saying everything the administration, the White House, has done is perfect.

You can’t compare those to the major scandals that have afflicted previous White Houses, where people have gone to jail. There’s been nothing like that under Obama.


That’s hard to argue with – but still hope springs eternal that Trump could surprise us all…

That being said, the only member of Obama’s administration the former Apprentice mogul considered bringing into his own cabinet was former CIA Director David Petraeus – the only man convicted of a crime during Obama’s time in office.