Obama Makes Dream Come True For Disabled Child Kicked Out Of Trump Rally

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You probably remember last November when Donald Trump made headlines across the globe for, yet again, being utterly tasteless by mocking a disabled journalist during one of his campaign rallies. 


One person, like millions of people across the globe who gazed in shocked bewilderment at the potential next President of the United States, was JJ Holmes. A 12-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, reports the Daily Mail.

JJ didn’t feel a need to protest against Trump until that point, but then he had had enough.


Aggravated and upset, JJ noticed that Trump was holding a rally within driving distance of his home in Longwood, Florida and decided to go, and protest.


Speaking afterwards, JJ said:

I wanted to go because Donald J. Trump made fun of disabled people.

So JJ went to the rally and protested. Because he is unable to speak, he uses a computerised device to get his words out which played ‘Dump Trump’ at an incredibly low volume.

According to his mother:

Trump was laughing about how his supporters drown out JJ. So my daughters and I started chanting.


Then Trump supporters started to get hostile which led Trump to say: ‘Oh, we have a Hillary Clinton person. Are they paying that person $1,500? Get him out, please. Get him out’.

A secret service agent then dragged JJ and his family out as protesters shouted ‘grab her pussy’ and others began shoving the wheelchair.


But never fear, as things were about to get brighter for JJ.

In the wake of the terrible events at the Trump rally, numerous journalists reached out to the Democrats to ask if JJ would be able to meet his hero, Barack Obama – and Obama made sure it happened.


One of the people who made sure that JJ could meet Obama, Valentina Pereda, recollected the moment JJ met Barack, writing:

It that moment, JJ’s mom tells him he’s going to meet the President. The rest is indescribable… JJ jumps out of his seat and erupts into cheer… his smile almost bursting out of his face. His body overcome by light, when just the day before it almost succumbed to hate.

He was over the moon. He really feels that he made a stand.


What a beautiful story…

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