Obama Makes Offensive Gesture While Visiting Argentina

by : Tom Percival on : 27 Mar 2016 15:57


Barack Obama’s usually the coolest man in the room, but he’s managed to make a pretty offensive gesture while on his historic visit to Argentina.


In footage, which will probably leave the outgoing president more than a bit red faced, we see Obama visiting some Argentinian youths at an electrical power plant turned art venue in Buenos Aires.

The video begins by showing the U.S. president shaking hands with the group and everyone’s happy and smiling but halfway through, with all the subtlety of a brass band, he pulls off his wedding ring and slips it into his pocket seemingly on the advice of a security guard, the Mirror reports.

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The event which was being held soon after he had welcomed a new era of co-operation between the two countries shows that there may be a lack of trust from Obama’s side, and both critics and news outlets in Argentina have seized on the footage as evidence of what the president really thinks of the nation.


One Twitter user said:

The real trust Obama feels for Argentinians. He hides his ring in his pocket so they don’t steal it from him while he meets and greets them.

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Another added:

Did you see how Obama took his ring off before he shook hands? He thinks we’re a bunch of thieves.

Barack Obama’s official visit to Argentina this week was the first by an American president in two decades, coming after the election of US-friendly president Mauricio Macri in November and we’re guessing he won’t be invited back for awhile after this…

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