Obama’s Reply To If He’ll Run For Office Again Will Give You Hope


With President Barack Obama only having hours left in the White House, America hangs in a very uncertain balance for the next four years.

Some came into inauguration day with hope for soon-to-be new president Donald Trump, while others were wishing Obama was never leaving the White House in the first place.

On Wednesday afternoon, Obama gave his final press conference as the leader of America, and one reporter asked a question that has been on our minds for a few months now.


She asked:

What did you mean when you said you would come back? Would you lobby congress, maybe explore the political arena again?

Alas, the answer we’ve all been waiting for.

Answering the reporter, Obama didn’t exactly say ‘no’. He responded:

Let me be absolutely clear: I did not mean that I was going to be running for anything anytime soon.

To repeat, he ended that statement with ‘anytime soon’. ‘Anytime soon’.


It might not be now, or in one, two or three years, but surely the magical number of four years from now doesn’t constitute ‘soon’…

And that certainly doesn’t mean he’ll never consider a political position again, right? So we can stay hopeful that we’ll probably be seeing Barack Obama back in the political field once more.

During the same conference, the president elaborated on his answer and acknowledged his plans for 2017, which have a lot to do with his wife and kids.


He said:

What I meant is that it’s important for me to take some time to process this amazing experience that we’ve gone through; to make sure that my wife, with whom I will be celebrating a 25th anniversary this year, is willing to re-up and put up with me for a little bit longer.

Last November, it was reported that Barack is planning on taking Michelle on a much-needed vacation post-presidency.

Not a bad break to an eight-year stint as President of the United States.