Oblivion In Skyrim Mod Looks Amazing In New Video



One of the first responses a lot of people had when they saw Bethesda’s Skyrim remaster was that it looked good – but why not remake Oblivion

The simple fact is that it’s just easier and cheaper to remake Skyrim – especially if you want a new Elder Scrolls game sometime this century.

However, there is a fantastic group of gamers hard at work to deliver the game we all want, by modding the entirety of Oblivion with Skyrim’s game engine. 


It’s still in the early stages, but the team at TESRenewal is coming along very nicely, with everyone busy creating new textures and custom models to spruce up Oblivion, wisely making use of the superior tech found in the most recent Elder Scrolls game.

With no end to their ambitions, the team actually plans to release Skyblivion for the aforementioned Skyrim remaster. Check out how it’s coming along in the video below.

While I can’t imagine for a second that Bethesda would allow a mod like this into the Special Edition through their own official creation kit, PC gamers should have no problem enjoying Skyblivion. 

Did you know that TESRenewal are also bringing the excellent Morrowind back with the same techniques?

If you’re interested in seeing how Skywind is coming along, take a look below. Spoiler: It looks fucking great.

Basically, modders continue to be the absolute best thing about Bethesda games. God speed, my friends.