Ocarina Of Time Looks Better Than Ever In Unreal Engine


CryZENx has done some absolutely insane recreations of iconic locations from Ocarina of Time using Unreal Engine 4, but his latest effort is easily his best yet.

In this new video, we’re taken back to Zoras’ domain. Fans will probably remember being blown away by this location when Ocarina of Time was first released. Even on the N64, seeing the water shimmering against the cave walls was a real sight to behold.

Of course, Unreal Engine 4 makes the original character models and locations look like a crude child’s drawing. The rocky stairways, tall waterfalls, and pools of water (my God, the water) all look incredible.

You can watch a video below. It’s one thing to see a cursory sweep through of the area, but as soon the video shifts focus and lets us explore with Link, it becomes truly impressive. Something about the original sound effects, and Link moving and behaving exactly as he did in Ocarina paired with the updated visuals just makes me feel all warm inside.

When he dives into the water and swims around… goodness me. Can Nintendo just hire this guy and give us an HD remake of Ocarina of Time? I don’t even give a fuck that it’d be an obvious cash in. I just want it in my life.