Ocarina Of Time’s Creepiest Boss Turned Into Incredible Halo 5 Map


Say what you want about Halo 5 (people often do), but the shooter’s Forge level builder is constantly throwing out some genuinely great maps, courtesy of creative fans. 

In this instance, CaptainDireWolf has taken perhaps the creepiest boss in all of Zelda history and turned it into an insane map for Halo 5.

Anyone who played Ocarina of Time (and that’s probably everyone) remembers Bongo Bongo, the resident beast of the Shadow Temple and all around pain in the arse.

Exactly as it was in Ocarina, its appearance in Halo 5 sees players bouncing around on the demon’s giant bongo while trying to avoid its disembodied hands.

Of course, one of the major differences here is that the bongo (you know, Bongo Bongo’s bongo) quickly fills up with the bouncing, lifeless corpses of Spartans – it’s harrowing stuff.


YouTuber iKampfer recently uploaded a video of the map in action, and explained that the fight works almost identically to how it did in Ocarina of Time.

Bongo Bongo has four hands attempting to push you off the map, but each hand has a weak spot that can be destroyed. If you destroy the hands, you can then go for a weak point on the creepy bastard’s face – manage that, and you win.

Oh, one major difference between this and Zelda is that the players who die fighting Bongo then spawn as zombies to try and stop you. It’s harrowing stuff.

Check it out in action below, courtesy of iKampfer.

Of all the bosses I ever wanted to see show up again in a videogame, Bongo Bongo was not one of them – still, props to CaptainDireWolf for a bang up job.