Oculus Touch Controllers Price And Release Date Announced


It’s not all about PlayStation VR this week, as Oculus chief Brendan Iribe announced that their very own Touch controllers will hit the shelves in December.

Exclusive to the Oculus Rift (obviously), these unique-looking controllers  cost $200 (about £160) for a pair.

While that may seem a little pricey for a controller, these badboys aim to provide complete and total immersion when exploring virtual worlds with the Rift headset.

The circular Touch consists of two controllers – one for each hands. Essentially a virtual extension of your fleshy grabbers, each one has a traditional analog stick, two buttons, and an analog trigger, as well as haptic feedback and what Oculus calls the ‘hand trigger.’

The Touch can also track a range of finger poses that can recognize natural hand gestures, such as thumbs up or a wave. Check the trailer for Lone Echo below, to get an idea of what you can do with the controller.

Preorders open on October 10 online and at physical retailers, while the controllers will go on sale on December 6. People who preorder get two free games for their trouble in the form of VR Sports Challenge and The Unspoken.

The Oculus Touch controller will also offer room-scale movement, however you’ll need a special sensor for that. These are priced at $80 (£65) and will be sold separately from December 6.

The Touch controllers were supposed to go on sale earlier, but were delayed at the end of 2015 to a release in the second half of 2016.