Off Duty Police Rush To Help London Attack Victims


Off duty police have done all they can to help during this evening’s horrific ‘attack’ in London.

So far two incidents are being treated as terrorism related. An earlier incident at Vauxhall is being treated as an unrelated stabbing.

As of yet, at least one fatality has been confirmed by Metropolitan Police whereas other witnesses have claimed that there have been attacks.

Lewisham Police have already tweeted that their off duty officers are on the scene:

At around 22.15 this evening a van, travelling at ‘about 50mph’ mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge before witnesses reported hearing ‘tremendous gunfire’.

Metropolitan police are advising people to run to a place of safety, hide or barricade yourself in, at this current time.

According to witnesses there are reports of numerous armed men jumping out of a van before attacking members of the public.

More to follow