Official Trailer For ‘Scariest Film Of 2017’ Drops And It’s Terrifying


Prepare to shit your pants as the It Comes At Night trailer has just dropped and it is fucking terrifying.

It Comes At Night has been dominating chitter chatter for the past couple of months but now finally we have more to watch than ever before.

The trailer below is a rollercoaster going at full pelt through a Dante’s Inferno on steroids.

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Although very little happens I dare you to watch it on your own at night with the sound up nice and loud. It sure made my hairs stand to attention. And what’s behind that red door?

In case you don’t know, It Comes At Night stars Joel Edgerton as a father who tries to protect his wife and son from a mysterious and evil presence that terrorises them right outside their doorstep, more likely than not – at night.


Eventually Joel begins to get things under control but just as things are going alright another family arive at their doorstep desperate for refuge.

What follows is a minefield of paranoia, mistrust, violence, and chills.

It Comes At Night hits cinemas in the U.S. next Friday – with a UK release date coming soon.