Official Trailer For Warcraft: The Beginning Drops And It Looks Awesome


Following Wednesday’s teaser trailer, Universal pictures have now dropped the official trailer for Warcraft: The Beginning, and it’s understandably giving people massive nerdgasms.

Set before the events of Blizzard’s phenomenon MMORPG World of Warcraft, the film focusses on why Humans and Orcs hate each other so badly.

The once peaceful land of Azeroth faces invasion by the desperate Orcs, as they flee their dying homeland and attempt to settle in Human territory. Cue crossed wires, stepped on toes and all-out war.

Warcraft: The Beginning is directed by Duncan Jones and stars Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Rob Kazinsky and Daniel Wu.

Warcraft: The Beginning will release in UK cinemas June 3, 2016.