Awkward Moment Old Guy Is Caught On Cam Checking Out Bikini Model


We’ve all been caught checking someone out for a little too long, but this guy takes the cake for the longest, most awkward stare ever.

Model Lisa Dillon was out with her team doing a professional shoot when an old man took a front seat view.

Obviously, the beach is the best place to check people out, but there are subtle glances and then there is how this guy does it.


Considering the team had a high-power lens and he was in plain view, you can pretty much guess what happened – and it makes for awkward, but hilarious viewing.

The cameramen decide to have a little fun with the situation – asking the model to do a dance, and when they ask her to ‘touch her toes’, the reaction is a significant one!

The video is currently going viral for obvious reasons. Watch it below: