Older Siblings Are Terrible Drivers Says New Study


There’s been much debate when it comes to siblings – who’s the better looking, who’s the smartest, who’s most likely to end up in prison.

Liam and Noel, Paris and Nicky, Beyonce and Solange – is it me or does one seem to stand out for different reasons when compared to the other?

Well now, a study confirms older siblings make the worst drivers – I can definitely vouch for this being the youngest. *Grins*.


The oldest may avoid the hand-me-downs but at least I’m not one of those b***ard drivers who cuts you up, or hogs the middle lane on the motorway.

According to Privilege Car Insurance, a study looking at the driving habits of 1,395 motorists revealed that 89 per cent of older siblings are likely to speed – with 35 per cent of those ending up with fines, reports the Metro.

It also showed that 47 per cent are likely to annoy other drivers by cutting them off with 46 per cent likely to cruise along in the middle of the road – is there anything more annoying!


As if that wasn’t bad enough, 30 per cent of those born first said they used their mobile phones while driving and 17 per cent admitted to applying make-up while at the wheel – shame on you!

All the statistics from the study point to the fact that older siblings are generally more likely to have some form of accident while on the road.

In the last five years, 22 per cent have had a minor accident with 15 per cent having a serious incident.


Younger siblings scored much lower in all of these areas, but the best motorists are reportedly those who are an only child.

So there you have it, the firstborn may be the smarter ones, they may even be better behaved, but at least we’re not responsible for aggravating so many road users!