Older Women Reveal The Weirdest Advances They’ve Had From Younger Guys

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Some blokes think they are God’s gift to women, and a lot of blokes are wrong about that ‘fact’.

One of the milestones for self-proclaimed ‘lady killers’ is to talk their way into the favour of an older lady – a cougar or Milf as they’re known.

There are two sides to every story of course, and for each tale a young man may regale his friends with at the pub of ‘older conquests’ remember there is a woman who may recall things somewhat differently.

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Several women who have endured some shocking pick-up attempts have taken to Reddit to reveal the so-called techniques these young men attempt to use.

One Redditor, under the username _Colombiana_, who doesn’t consider herself ‘to be a MILF’ says that her son’s ‘friends try and make moves on me’ regularly.

She recounted one event that left one of her son’s mates embarrassed.


From there, other ‘older women’ started sharing their often hilarious – always awkward – encounters with younger men.

A lot of mothers seem to have the same issue with their kid’s mates…


Many lines are just creepy!


If you think you are being ‘too bold’ in the approach, then you probably are and will likely only be invited to leave…

Also, the offer of speed is not considered an attractive proposition.


While all these moves are both flawed and doomed, we have to applaud; A) the guys for their ‘unbreakable’ confidence and B) the women for not laughing in their faces – which would’ve shattered them – or hitting them so hard that they travel through time.