Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Posts Creep’s D*ck Pic Online



Olivia Newton-John’s daughter has exposed a man who sent her an unsolicited dick pic.  

Singer Chloe Lattanzi took to Instagram to share the disrespectful penis picture and shame the man who sent it to her.

The 30-year-old wrote a damning caption, slating the sender as a ‘perverted fucker,’ according to the Daily Mail.


She wrote:

I’m so tired of these disgusting perverts assaulting my eyes. The only penis I want to see is my fiancé’s.

Women, if men do this to U don’t let em get away with it. Gross! Perverted!

Instagram/Chloe Lattanzi

Chloe was clearly furious at the man’s unwanted ‘present’ and sent a warning out to others that she will expose them, if they darkened her inbox with an explicit photo.

She continued:

If you send me this stuff I will expose you. It’s not OK.

I didn’t have time to expose all the other pervs. But sending a clear message. U send this. I’ll expose you.


The angry message was up for an hour before she took it down and posted a video to explain why she was so enraged, apologising to fans for ‘violating’ them too.

She exclaimed:

Took down the dick pic.

I was just tired of it and wanted to expose the bastard.

Now I realise I violated you. You shouldn’t have to see what I saw! I’m so sorry I didn’t think it through. I love u guys. I violated your eyes I apologise.


The singer clearly means business and to be fair, unsolicited dick pics are absolutely never okay.

Do not mess with her under any circumstances, she’s warned you!