Olly Murs Slammed By Piers Morgan For His Reaction To Oxford Circus ‘Gun Shots’


Olly Murs has been called out for his response after getting caught up in the ‘incident’ at Oxford Circus earlier this evening.

In the midst of what now seems to have been a false alarm, Murs posted a series of tweets detailing ‘gun shots’ at Oxford Circus and shared details of the ‘heart-pounding’ experience with his eight million followers.

“Everyone get out of Selfridges now gun shots!! I’m inside,” Olly posted from the scene, followed up with, “Evacuating store now!!! F*** heart is pounding.”

However, after the panic had calmed down, Twitter flew back into action, with many mercilessly trolling Murs for his ‘dramatic reaction’.

Here’s a few examples…

However, others pointed out Olly’s posts could have had serious implications.

One of those was of course Good Morning Britain presenter and everyone’s favourite guardian of social acceptability Piers Morgan.

But old Piers just couldn’t let it lie…  

Thankfully, Olly – along with hundreds of other people who of course had no idea that there was no immediate danger – later confirmed he was safe.

Unless you’ve been involved win an incident like this there’s no way of knowing how you will react, but if you do have millions of social media followers it’s certainly worth remembering how easy it is to inadvertently spread false information.