Olympic Diver Comes Terrifyingly Close To Smashing Head Off Solid Platform


Belarusian diver, Vadim Kaptur, came terrifyingly close to death yesterday evening as his head came with 0.3mm of the solid concrete diving platform he had just jumped from. 

Viewers across the world were left open mouthed as Kaptur jumped backwards from the platform and performed a forward dive, but as he swooped down towards the solid platform his forehead came less than inch from hitting the high board at a rapid speed.

Commentators on the event said that if any contact was made it would’ve been almost certain death, reports Yahoo.

Here’s the video. P.S. – wait for the second angle to ensure max tension:


And judges weren’t pleased either with one of them scoring him only 2 points because the dive was simply too dangerous.

The dive has already been compared to Greg Louganis’ who infamously whacked his head off the springboard back in 1988.

Miraculously, although the bang split his head open, Louganis got it stitched up and went onto claim two gold medals for diving in the same Olympics.

Unfortunately, hitting the springboard and hitting a concrete platform are two entirely different spectacles so Kaptur is certainly one incredibly lucky guy.

If I was him I’d try and be a little less reckless next time.