One App Claims It Can Detect Ghosts In Your House

ghost huntingJaya Saxena

You can get an app for pretty much everything these days, and now, there is even one to allow you to test for ghosts.

The app came up in conversation on the Jimmy Fallon show, where Selena Gomez was making an appearance.

She claimed that not only does she believe in ghosts, but that she has downloaded the Ghost Hunter M2 app.

That allows her to detect if there are any other worldly spirits around her at any given time. Ok then.

The app has fake thunder sounds, and a whole heap of features that are probably a load of crap, but sound pretty impressive at least.

There’s the Fast Fourier Transform Visualizer to analyse sounds, the Electro Magnetic Field and the Electronic Voice Phenomena – yep me either.

Ghostbusters move over. Your services are no longer required.