One Direction Fans Lost Their Sh*t Over Harry Styles’ New Look

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In news that people should have been ashamed to get upset over, Harry styles cut his hair nearly a month ago – but apparently it’s still news.

Photos of the boyband star on set of a World War Two blockbuster emerged today, and as soon as One Directioners got wind that Styles was filming, complete with his new haircut, they lost their shit. Again.

While, yes, it’s fair to say the singer looked a tad different than usual, it’s hardly worth having a full on freak out over.

If you’re wondering what a One Direction member is doing on a movie set, Styles has taken a break from singing for his role in director Christopher Nolan’s war epic about the evacuation of thousands of British troops at Dunkirk.

So gone are the boyband star’s luscious locks, cut in favour of a classic 1940’s short back and sides.

As you can imagine, millions have been tweeting about this riveting news:

Other have taken it upon themselves to suggest this will be the greatest movie of all time because Harry Styles is in it:

In fact, this was so big that #goodluckharry was trending on Twitter for his first day of shooting. What a loyal fanbase.

He could literally do anything and people would drop to their knees for him.

Hopefully this is the last time his hair is trending on Twitter.