One European Country Is Planning To Ban All Non-Electric Cars By 2025


The Netherlands have made a major announcement – and it proves once again that they are an incredible country.

Jumping on the Eco band wagon (or maybe even starting it), a motion has been approved to ban all petrol and diesel vehicle sales within the country by 2025. Meaning, only new electric cars would be approved on Dutch roads within 10 years.

If the law passes, existing fossil fuel powered cars could still be driven, but all new cars would have to be emissions-free, ScienceAlert reports. And while it seems like an extreme proposal, a majority of the lower house in the Dutch parliament supported the motion, which means there is probably a very good chance that the proposal could be passed into law.

Many carmakers are hoping a greater vehicle range and the fallout from Volkswagen’s emissions scandal will help convert customers used to diesel and petrol cars – which shouldn’t be too difficult. Last year, the Netherlands saw over 43,000 new electric vehicles purchased, giving them a 9.6 per cent share of the car market.

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While that’s still behind Norway, who sits at an amazing 33.1 per cent electric vehicle market share as of 2015, it’s still way ahead of countries like the UK (1.2 per cent), the U.S. (0.8 per cent), and China (0.3 per cent), according to industry data by Business Insider.

It’s an impressive (and well welcomed) plan – and it’s not the first time the country is backing Eco-friendly ideas. Currently, the Netherlands is also working on a 100 per cent wind-powered railway system, and are also working on building solar technology into its roads.

While it’s not known yet if the motion will actually pass into law, it’s good to see countries like The Netherlands taking action in adapting into a more environmentally-friendly nation.