One In A Million Comedy Scene Saves Man From Death Row

by : UNILAD on : 29 Aug 2017 18:37

With the ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm just around the corner, Netflix has released a new documentary about how the hit show saved a man’s life. 


Long Shot tells the story of Juan Catalan who in 2003 was arrested for the murder of 16-year-old Martha Puebla who was shot to death on the doorstep of her Los Angeles home in May of that year, reports The Guardian.

Catalan, 24 at the time, was put behind bars pending trial. If he had been found guilty he would have been executed.


There was one thing could save him. On the night of the murder, Juan claimed to have attended an LA Dodgers game against the Atlanta Braves.


But what were the chances of proving that, in an age before smartphones and mainstream internet?

Well, in an example of absurd luck, Larry David was shooting his show Curb Your Enthusiasm within vicinity of Catalan.

In one frame, he can be seen waling right by Larry as he mockingly celebrates the Dodgers.

Larry, ever the grouch, was originally reluctant to appear in Long Shot.

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Eventually, director Jacob LaMendola got his secretary Laura on the blower.

He said:

She said he would be available that day and would only have 20 minutes if we wanted to interview him. We were all excited and scared – 20 minutes isn’t that much time.


On the day of the interview, the comedy legend showed up with a newspaper and umbrella despite the fact it wasn’t raining.

He added:

The entire set went dead silent, hoping we were rolling.

It was an epic moment of him being so comfortable and iconic. I was so thrilled we caught it.

[David] is the reason we got people to listen. There’s a bigger story we have to tell, and he’s the way we get people in the door.

Speaking about the new series to USA Today, Larry said:

I would say nothing’s changed, except instead of people calling me a bald (expletive) they now call me an old (expletive). I’m six years older … so all the insults include something old,” which is “much worse. I’d kill to be called bald again.


Whether or not he’s become more like ‘TV Larry’ over the years, he added:

I think that he has seeped into me to the degree that I will say things now that I didn’t used to say. I don’t go as far as he goes, but if somebody asks me to lunch, I can go, ‘No, I don’t think so,’ which I really didn’t do before. And they’re not offended! I seem to be able to get away with it, because they’re expecting it. That’s who they think I am, so why disappoint them?

Thankfully, this 10-episode Curb season isn’t going to be a one-off return. Larry and co plan to return for another immediately after, as opposed to the six-year wait for this one.

He said:

I don’t know how people get through days when they’re not working. I know people really look forward to retirement — people who have regular jobs — and I’m sure many (jobs) can be tedious. This isn’t like that, though. This is fun.


Keep doing you, Larry.

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