One In Thirty People Actually Poo In The Work Shower

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The shower; for many, a place of hygiene, relaxation and reflection. For some it’s a place to drop a jobby or do something even more intimate. 

The bathroom is a private place. However, aren’t you a little bit curious about what your cohorts get up to when they go for a wash? Or, better yet, maybe you’re the one with the strange habit.


In order to paint a clearer picture of what’s going on behind closed doors, QS Supplies spoke to more than 1,000 Brits and Americans and quizzed them about what they do in the bathroom, and why. Fair warning: the answers ain’t sanitary.

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A number of interesting statistics have emerged from the study: for example, 53% of people wash fewer than seven times per week, meaning they regularly go 24 hours without washing. Also, 20% of Brits and 22% of Americans said they’re actively washing less frequently than they otherwise would to help reduce their environmental impact.

However, other results were alarming – to say the least. Here’s a question: does your workplace have a shower? If it does, do you use it? And if you do, would you ever pee, poo or masturbate in it?

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The research explains:

Nearly one-third (32%) admitted to peeing in the work shower, 25% had blown their nose down the drain, and 20% had spat. Rarer but more shocking activities also occurred: one in 20 admitted to masturbating, and one in 30 even said they’ve defecated while showering at work.

Listen, if someone wants to go for a poo in their shower at home, that’s (not really) okay. However, doing it in your work shower is outrageous.


That said, a few people came forward in the story to enlighten people as to why they had to go while having a wash – often, it’s either a case of necessity or not entirely of their own volition.

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One 42-year-old man explained: 

I underwent surgery to remove internal hemorrhoids a few years back and experienced a great deal of pain with my first bowel movement. So, I found that pooping in the shower helped alleviate some of this pain.

Between standing up and having water flow down my butt, I was able to alleviate my discomfort. Unfortunately, I was inexperienced with pooping while standing and I ended up having to push the crap down my drain… with my toes.


We’ve all been in a situation with an icky tummy after a dodgy takeaway. You suffer from what feels like a ruptured butt the next day, tasked with sitting on the toilet in pain.

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Or, as this 31-year-old woman described, it hits you at a pretty inconvenient time: 

I had such a bad stomach ache after eating at a new Chinese restaurant once and I just happened to be showering when the worst of it hit – I had no option! A few days later my shower drain was clogged from hair (like it’s been a million times before), and when the plumber came to fix it, we found out it wasn’t just hair.


While only looking at findings pertaining to showers at home, other results were quite illuminating. For example, 51% of men and 28% of women said they’ve masturbated in the shower, as well as 68% of men and 56% of women admitting to peeing while washing.

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With reference to people’s downstairs, 27% of women and 15% of men said they use a wet wipe on their groin, while 15% of both men and women said they washed their genitals in the sink rather than in the shower.

If you’d like to find out more about people’s unique and varied bathroom habits, please check out the full study here.

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