One Man Is Trying To Replicate All 92 English Football League Stadiums From Lego

by : UNILAD on : 07 Sep 2015 22:04

One man is on a mission to replicate all of the 92 English Football League stadiums from Lego.


Now while you have to imagine that takes a huge amount of patience, not to mention fair bit of time, stadium creator extraordinaire Chris is keen to do it, and has already made a pretty impressive start.

Chris’ website, Brickstand, shows the range of stadiums you can order, from Champions Chelsea all the way down to League Two minnows. Oh, and you can even buy Arsenal’s former stadium (back when they had more trophies and less prawn sandwiches), Highbury.


The stadiums will cost £299, so if you like splashing the cash a la Manchester City (although, let’s be honest, given their fans don’t bother to turn up to a game in the real stadium, it’s hard to see them buying a replica one), then it sounds ideal.


On the other hand, if in Arsene Wenger fashion, you’re a bit tight when it comes to spending the pennies, maybe a cardboard cutout is a better idea – or just a picture as the screensaver on your phone.

Take a look at these:

west hamwest hamBrickstand

You can also get a range of other, cheaper stuff from the site, including pen holders, league table mock-ups and mosaics, including one from when England lifted the World Cup back in 1966.

It might set you back £75, but given it’s probably the only time you’ll ever have to buy one, it might just be justifiable.

pen holderpen holderBrickstand

Impressive stuff.

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