One Man’s Mission To Document Every Secret In Fallout 4


The world of Fallout 4 is a large one, filled with secrets – most of which aren’t even marked on the map. Despite this, one brave explorer is on a quest to find and document all of these hidden locations and goodies.

YouTube user The LAWD has (so far) managed to upload a whopping 90 videos, each one showing you a different secret location and how to reach it. The Bostonian Wasteland is a very big place after all, so odds are most of us have walked right by something awesome without realising at least once.

Some of the secrets he’s found range from the mildly surprsing (sunken loot) to the undeniably awesome (Power Armour warehouse!).

Again, since none of these locations are marked on the Pip-Boy map, it’d be very easy to miss them completely. The LAWD is doing us all a service, and I salute him for it.